The Story Of Afangaro

In 2018, House of Afangaro started its journey in one of the historical mansions at Westersingel, Rotterdam. It soon became the sacred place of the House where creativity and artistry came to life. House of Afangaro is a long-desired dream of its founder Rénette Sastrowidjojo and it is one of the pioneering fashion houses of Rotterdam.

With the vision of building bridges to connect people, their backgrounds, cultures and their imaginations; House of Afangaro creates a new perspective on fashion. All Afangaro collections harvest women’s strengths in the garments and are created with the values defining the Afangaro woman and the Afangaro lifestyle; consisting of intense creativity and meticulous craftsmanship and we guarantee outstanding quality.

We believe in the beauty of confidence and personal power and we reflect it on every component of the garments.