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Rénette Sastrowidjojo explains the story of Afangaro and how she envisions the future for the Rotterdam-based fashion label.

Long-cherished Dream

Since 2018, Rotterdam-based fashion house Afangaro produces Ready-to-Wear and custom-made couture. It was the long cherished dream of its founder Rénette Sastrowidjojo to establish a fashion label that would contribute to building a reputation for Rotterdam as a European fashion city. With the vision of building bridges to connect people and their different backgrounds, Afangaro creates a new perspective on fashion which translates into craftsmanship, creativity and unforgettable experiences.

Craftmanship, creativity and
personal strength

Afangaro designs are created to harvest women’s strengths in their distinct garments. These garments are handmade by a team of experienced tailors with an eye for artistry, detail, and the perfect fit.

With this craftsmanship, we guarantee the outstanding quality of each Afangaro item. Creativity is essential to the manufacturing process of an Afangaro design.

Both the Ready-to-Wear collection and the exclusive couture designs are inspired by Rénette’s cultural background, a blend of life experiences, and current fashion trends.

Prioritizing the client

Afangaro prioritizes the experiences of its clients. With their designs, Afangaro hopes to reach a diverse audience of women and in this way, it aims to share the joy of wearing an Afangaro piece.

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