Afangaro in JAN Magazine

Milouska Meulens styled in Afangaro for JAN Magazine.

Afangaro x Brunchbar

Afangaro has partnered up with Brunch Bar Rotterdam to host an exclusive fashion brunch event on Sunday 12th of June.

During the event, various pieces of Afangaro will be presented and showcased while you get to enjoy a nice glass of champagne and a delicious Parisian brunch provided by Brunch Bar Rotterdam. Experience the French flair and enjoy a cozy afternoon full of fashion and food!

Hoping to see you there, bisous!

Friday, December 3, 2021

Afangaro Publication In Elle Magazine

On the 3rd of december, our collaboration issue with ELLE magazine reached the stores and web. Rénette Sastrowidjojo, the owner and founder of the fashion house talks about the key of entrepreneurship and how she stays inspired and creative during the whole process. ‘’Afangaro is more than a fashion label: it’s a lifestyle.’’ 

Wednesday, December 2, 2021

The Website has got a Make-Over

A new lay-out, a new design and new collections, Afangaro is ready to make a new kickstart for 2022. For the ones who have paid close attention from the start, some old nostalgic designs have made a reappearance in our new ready-to-wear collection. Bright colors, sophisticated fabric and innovative designing techniques are what made this collection so special.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Interview with founder: Rénette Sastrowidjojo for Fashion United

Connecting, entrepreneurial mindset and international goals. Fashion United interviewed Rénette Sastrowidjojo on her fashion label and talks about the foundation of the fashion house and how she wants to reach her goals for Afangaro, utilizing the entrepreneurial skills she gained from working at Gemeente Rotterdam. ‘’Our ambition is to become an international brand. We start with Europe. First online – we analyze where our visitors of the website come from – and hopefully to see our customers visit the physical store. But for now, we doing it step-by-step.’’

Thursday, 27 May, 2021

Private Fashion Show in Collaboration with The New Fashion Society

As a special contribution to the Erasmus Fashion Week, – created by Erasmus University Rotterdam – Afangaro organized a private fashion show in collaboration with The New Fashion Society. A Rotterdam based fashion association that focuses on connecting university students with the fashion industry, therefore a valuable collaboration for Afangaro bridging the gap between the industry and university students.

Thursday, Oktober 1, 2020

Launching Afangaro

In an interview with Contentic, the founder Rénette Sastrowidjojo describes how she experienced the process of building the fashion house and how entrepreneurship can be challenging at times. As an escape to be creative, Sastrowidjojo founded Afanagaro as a means to share her passion for fashion to the world.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Rotterdam as new ‘’the city of fashion’’

Amsterdam, Milan, Paris and soon Rotterdam will get the title of the new city of fashion. The founder of the fashion house has the ambition to make Rotterdam the new big city of fashion and wants to foster the idea of networking and collaborating with local entrepreneurs. ‘’Made in Rotterdam has to become a yearly event.’’

Friday, November 20, 2021

Afangaro for Open Rotterdam

Afangaro has featured in an item for Open Rotterdam as Rénette shares her ideas for the future of the fashion house. In the item, Jennefer and Gabriëlla explain why Afangaro does what it does best: making women feel powerful. Using haute couture as means to empower women is an ideology that Afangaro will always carry out.