Milouska Meulens wearing Afangaro for the first edition of ‘’Welkom in Calefax-land’’.

Milouska Meulens had the honor to host the first edition of ‘’Welkom in Calefax-land’’ (Welcome in Calefax-land) in Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ. This series aims to melt together the two worlds of music and spoken word with a touch of Caribbean and European sounds.

Earlier this year, Meulens was also spotted in one of our designs in the March issue of JAN Magazine: Milouska Meulens wearing Afangaro in JAN Magazine NLAfter a successful encounter between Afangaro and Meulens, we decided to dress the Dutch presenter in our Couture Collection for the first edition of Calefax-land. 

Milouska had strongly pulled herself together after a short recovery and shined bright in our exclusive Soft Pink Lotus Gown, made of real dried lotus flowers which have been handcrafted into a firm yet airy fabric. The dress has a beige shiny color with hints of pink from the dried lotus flower.

This gown was the perfect fit for Milouska as the lotus represents strength and rebirth: two keywords that would definitely describe Milouska's comeback on this special occasion. 

A glimpse of the evening:

milouska meulens floral gown welkom in calefaxland
milouska meulens floral gown calefax
milouska meulens floral gown welkom in calefaxland

 Photography: Peter Lodder Fotografie